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When incorporating plants and other greenery into your home, there are two ways to go about the process. Many people find their favorite plant, purchase it, and then rearrange the set -up of the room in a way that flatters and provides space for the plant. The second method is to arrange the house they way you want it, and then look for the right sized plants to fill in the spaces. In any case, if you are looking to fill a small location with a good eye-catching plant, you should look at the enormous selection of ferns available. The fern’s foliage is small and slim, and the fern often grows into the space it has available. You can find a great selection of ferns, both real and silk. Live ferns need less sunlight and water than some other plants, and so you are less limited in terms of where you can place them. On the other hand, silk ferns offer the beauty of a fern with no need for maintenance. Be aware that when you choose a fern, you are not selecting a very colorful or eye-catching plant, though it still makes a lovely accent. In this fashion you can set up a great theme or pattern using ferns as a backdrop and beautiful flower arrangements that pop out and catch the eye.Adding Decorative Topiary Plants

Just as in art, the way things are spaced in interior design is critical to a well-balanced appearance. When you add some topiary to the area you are enhancing, be sure there is enough “breathing room” for the plants. Also, it is helpful to experiment with some of the many designs and sizes of these topiary that exist. One design that usually complements office areas involves taller, rounded plants. When decorating work areas, it is best to use silk plants because sunlight, watering, and bugs become a non-issue. These trees can also look good in homes and churches. You can find many a silk topiary small enough to adorn your desk and large enough to fill a large area of a room. Be creative in your choice of topiary and what you use to decorate with them!

The Benefits of Hanging Plants

No matter the size of your house, adding hanging plants make for a great and non-invasive decorative touch. Adding hanging plants adds another dimension to your greenery (a variety of small, tall, low, and high contributes to a great look). Most often hanging plants get placed in a corner of the room, which is a great way to spruce up some of the more neglected, dusty areas of your house. Hanging plants placed in corners also stay out of the way. Using the right equipment as you hang your plants prevents you from having problems in the future. You will want to find a strong hook that can be adhered in some way to a ceiling beam if you are planning to hang a heavier, denser plant. There is much less to worry about if you decide to hang smaller plants with light containers. As you decide on which hanging plants to use, think about colors of the flowers, shapes of the leaves, the designs of the containers, and how the plant will grow. Whether real or artificial, a hanging plant is yet another tool to use in your home decor.

Lessons to Learn When Shopping for an Interior Decorator

Although interior decorating can be fun, there are so many principles to a well-decorated home that it is often wise to rely on a professional. Since financing your decorator can be a task all of its own, we recommend you shop around before you choose one. Make sure to procure some models, illustrations, and recommendations from anyone you are considering. Interior decorators should have a book, a website, or a pamphlet showing their previous work with other clients. Also, asking the interior decorator for referrals from past clients is always a good idea. You will want to ask past clients about the type of service that they received, the creative ability of the interior designer, and the promptness of the work completed. In this fashion you can weed out mediocre interior designers and assure that you have a proper professional interior design expert for your home.

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