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Decorating on a budget need not be an exercise in have nots. Your budget can put creative limits on your expenditure which lead you to explore paths you might not have otherwise. For example instead of purchasing expensive paintings, why not paint one yourself, or have a young relative paint a picture for bit of money. This will give you a painting with tons of character, and best of all, it will be a one of a kind! Remember that when picking out decor with a limited budget consignment stores are your friend. You may be able to find a beautiful vintage desk for a pittance, or a wonderful antique table, or chair for a song.The main rule to remember when searching second hand stores is that not everything is of the greatest quality. Carefully inspect the item in question prior to purchasing in order to avoid buyers remorse. Don’t just look through one store either! Even if you live in a small town there is good chance that you have many second-hand shops within a few miles driving distance from your house. If you live in a city then its even more likely that you will have plenty of options in this regard. Another option is to ask your relatives and neighbors about anything they might be getting rid of, just be sure to be polite! As far as wall-papers and carpets go you have much fewer options, but one might be to buy whole-sale, or buy online. Beware though, always check shipping prices before ordering something online. Its a common practice for sellers to list something at a low sell price, but then with a large shipping price.

The main thing to keep in mind when decorating on a budget is patience. Remember always that its very likely that the first deal or item that comes around is not actually the best, so keep a sharp eye out for even better deals.

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