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You might not have noticed but it is quite evident that you spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. Not only taking bath and to clean yourself but also to groom yourself for the days ordeal. So, as you see, you need ample light to get ready. Let us check out some of the bathroom-lighting tips from below.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

  • Remember, different parts of your bathroom require different kinds of lighting. So, if you are up to bathroom makeovers, be well aware of the different types of bathroom-lighting. Bathroom lighting can essentially be divided into three main types. Take a look at the following types of bathroom-lighting.
  1. Task-Lighting – As the name suggests, task lighting is kind of lighting that would help you while performing tasks like shaving, applying facial make ups and such.
  2. General-Lighting – General lighting is very much unlike of task lighting. The general light fittings are for illuminating the entire bathroom. They are not much of help for performing tasks. Use recessed lighting. You probably love to take a warm bath after a hectic day. The bright recessed lighting is for sure to enhance your relaxing mood.
  3. Accent-Lighting – Accent lighting is good for large bathrooms. Small bathroom with accent-lightings might look over crowded. Accent lighting are usually for illuminating a piece of art work fitted high up in the walls. The lights are usually positioned in a way that would shine upwards and beautifully accent the artwork.
  • Task lighting should usually be quite bright but make sure that it doesn’t impair your eyesight.
  • An effective way to use task lighting is by fitting a vanity mirror that has several bulbs fitted to it. Stick to a four bulb vanity mirror. It would not only help you to conserve electricity but also help to bring in a classic look to your bathroom.

Hopefully the above mentioned bathroom lighting tips would help you in deed. For further research you may check the internet or some professional who would guide you with the intricate details of bathroom lighting.

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Modern home decorating does not have to be complicated, and you can make some beautiful improvements in your home without “breaking the bank”, so to speak. All you need is a few simple ideas and a little imagination to turn the inside of your home into a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere.

Like many families, you probably live in a house that has very large, open-spaced rooms and desire to turn them into something more snug. If so, then the trick is to find ways to make the rooms of your house more cozy, while at the same time appealing to the eye, which of course is a prerequisite when it comes to decorating your home.

Below are a few decorating ideas that will help you transform your big and empty rooms into cozy, warm, and pleasant surroundings:

  1. Increase the size of your furniture. One of the first things you should do in terms of taking up more space and producing a warm cozy environment is to purchase furniture that is larger-than-normal in size. This is a great way to take up a lot of empty space. The best type of furniture would be fabric-covered. You can opt for leather and similar furniture coverings, but this new home decorating tip is best with furniture pieces that create a warm feeling in the air, which of course is soft fabric.
  2. A second home decorating tip that will help increase the coziness of your large rooms is to add plenty of floral designs and plants. There is just something so serene and tropical when it comes to having nice full plants throughout your house. Palm trees make an excellent choice for filling up those empty corners. However, be careful not to go overboard on your greenery, as it may take up too much space and create a suffocating effect.
  3. A third fashionable home decorating idea that will help create a warmer and snug atmosphere in your room is to lay down a large and nicely designed area rug. Choose one that is big enough to connect all of your furniture pieces together while at the same time complimenting the rest of the colors in your room. And be sure to avoid colors that clash.
  4. Last but not least, decorating your home in a modern way should always entail making the most of your walls. In fact, designing your walls appropriately is one of the most important aspects of creating the atmosphere you desire. There are many ways to do this, as you can hang a large paintings and other works of art, display fabric designs, or organize portraits and other pieces into patterns, such as circles or triangles.
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Are you ready for new window treatments but are confused by the dazzling number of choices? Here are a few home decorating tips to help you sort through the countless number of window treatment options.

1) The first step is to evaluate the structural design of the window itself. Also, look at the window in the framework of the room and how the room is used. Do you have beautiful windows that you want to show off or do your windows need a little help with some type of window “cover-up”?

2) What is your decorating style? Do you love displaying your collectibles, or do you like a neat, clean surface that’s easy to care for? Do you like free-standing furniture or are built-in furnishings more your style? These two questions will help you determine whether you prefer a conventional look or a more contemporary style and will help you coordinate your window treatment with your decorating style. This is a useful home decorating tip to use on a regular basis.

3) Next, spend plenty of time deciding on a fabric. Don’t be rushed into making a costly mistake. When making your decision, keep in mind how the material will be used and also the drape of the material. It is best to hold the material the way it will be hanging at the window.

4) Another home decorating tip is to start the selection process with your favorite color instead of being influenced by fashion or by the idea that you simply want something different. Take into consideration how light and the change of seasons affect color. Be daring with accent colors! If you are in doubt of the color for your window treatments, select curtain fabrics that are a little lighter than the color of your walls.

5) Pattern acts in a different way at the window than it does in other places. You will need to consider how it looks when the window treatments are opened and closed, or when the shades are pulled up and let down. Consider the scale of the pattern so it doesn’t overwhelm the window or be so subtle it can hardly be seen from a distance.

6) Texture is a good way to bring interest to your window treatments if having pattern at the window is not your style. The use of velvet, silk, lace, damask, or linen as window treatments adds elegance to a pattern-free room.

7) Take home a few swatches of fabric to see how the colors and patterns blend in your room. Go a step further and order a small amount of fabric, for instance, ¼ yard and pin together a miniature window treatment that you place around your window. After a few days of observing the swatches in different light, you are ready to place your order.

Once your window treatments are hanging in place, you will be glad you spent the extra time and effort in selecting them. A home decorating tip to keep in mind is to be creative as well as patient when decorating.

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How can you decorate your home on a budget? Making small spaces seem larger and bringing spice to an otherwise boring décor. Take a look at some of these home decorating tips and apply what you like to your new home decorating schemes.

The simplest, cheapest way to change the whole look of a room is to take on the walls. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to change the tone and feeling of a room. Warm colors like shades of deep orange, soothing yellows, and autumnal reds relax the feel of a room right away. A new coat of paint always freshens up the look of a room and with a change of color, you bring a new level of depth to the room’s décor.

The next step to overhauling the entire room is as inexpensive as painting and just as dramatic. It extends the tone of the room and offers a focal point – art work. A large piece of art on the wall brings class to your room and defines your interests as well as the feeling you’ll get when you walk in the doorway.

It used to be that art, even prints of great art work, were exorbitantly expensive. The art of printing, however, has advanced to make art affordable and accessible for anyone who would like to display their favorite piece in their home. Even the largest pieces of art can suit your home decorating pocketbook, no matter how tight your budget.

Once you choose the right piece of art work to go with your newly painted walls, it’s time to pick the lighting. Warm tones especially are conducive to strategic lighting. Try a chandelier for a foyer or a dining room, one that has a dimmer switch. Or you could place large pillar candles on the mantle to light a beautiful piece of art work from below. The flickering light and shadows will blend with the color you’ve chosen for the wall to create a frame for your art piece that makes it completely original. Choose scented candle to increase the ambience.

Accentuate your choice in large art work with smaller prints and pieces. Place them in pattern – diagonal lines, diamond shapes – or scatter them haphazardly about the room. Frames with stands can showcase artwork that highlights the colors and accents in the main piece. Place these on book shelves and end tables to build your overall effect and still point the focus toward the large work of art in the center of the room.